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Jean Walker

JEAN WALKERBA (hons) Fine Art

Cannock, Staffordshire


Hi my name is Jean; I am a self-taught artist who works from my studio at home, in oil paint on canvas, My main subjects being Landscapes and Seascapes. I have recently undertaken portraiture, of which I am thoroughly enjoying and a new and challenging area for myself. I also have an extremely keen interest in Photography and I often paint from my collection of pictures, they prove an invaluable source of reference on wet and windy days when it is impossible or impractical to paint al-fresco.

I have been painting seriously since my children left home, that's when I realized that I had more time to pursue my passion - (painting) so In 2002 i decided to expand my vocabulary in art by enrolling into Lichfield & Tamworth College for a 2-year Art course to obtain my A-Level. In 2004 I was accepted into Wolverhampton University, graduating in 2007 with a B.A (hons) in Fine Art Painting at the age of 59.

Whilst at University' I was under the illusion that I would be learning to paint like the 'Great Masters' Caravaggio, Constable, William Hodges or J.M.W Turner, by learning their intricate techniques and styles. But; my tutors steered me into the direction of Installation projects, (with the minimalist amount of traditional styled painting) instead painting abstracts and working with wood and cardboard cut-outs emulating the famous silhouette artist 'Kara Walker' this was my path for the next 3-years.

Iconic buildings and areas of outstanding natural beauty have always inspired my love of architecture- nature and the diverse weather conditions. Cannock Chase Forest in Staffordshire has proved to be a gem of inspiration over the years with its beautiful panoramic vistas, wildlife and seasonal colours My Galleon ships from bygone eras, are resurrected in my Seascape paintings, with light playing a major role in the overall atmospherics of my work.


Thank you for taking the time to visit my Portfolio.

Please feel free to leave comments about my work, I would really appreciate the feedback & kind gesture: Thank You..!!!


Metaphor 1 by Jean Walker


Worship the Lord by Jean Walker


Turning Autumn by Jean Walker


Breast Cancer Metaphor 2 by Jean Walker


Tranquility by Jean Walker


Barr Beacon in the Snow by Jean Walker


Winter at Fairoak Pool Cannock Chase by Jean Walker


A Beautiful Place to Live by Jean Walker


Summer at Fairoak Pool by Jean Walker


Barr Beacon Folly by Jean Walker


Dusk on Cannock chase by Jean Walker


Scottish Highlands by Jean Walker


Storm on Yorkshire Moors by Jean Walker


Last Light on Cannock Chase by Jean Walker


Reflections by Jean Walker


Riding the storm by Jean Walker


Ploughed Fields by Jean Walker


The Moon Fairies by Jean Walker


Shell Shock by Jean Walker


Criccieth Castle North Wales by Jean Walker


First Footprints by Jean Walker


Yorkshire Moors by Jean Walker


Fishing for supper on Cannock Chase by Jean Walker


Childhood Memories 1 by Jean Walker


Count the Eyes by Jean Walker


Criccieth Castle North Wales by Jean Walker


Hide n Seek by Jean Walker


Rest in Peace by Jean Walker


H.M.S Victory by Jean Walker


Daydreaming by Jean Walker


Puffin Island by Jean Walker


St Michaels Mount Cornwall by Jean Walker


Misty Forest by Jean Walker


The Endeavour on Stormy Seas by Jean Walker


Storm Over St Michaels Mount Cornwall by Jean Walker


The Dolomites Italy by Jean Walker


Jim by Jean Walker



Portrait of Joshua by Jean Walker


Stepping Stones on Cannock Chase by Jean Walker


Winter Walk on Cannock Chase by Jean Walker


Austrian Lake by Jean Walker


On the Slopes by Jean Walker


Lazy Days in Summer by Jean Walker


Skiing in Italy by Jean Walker


Field of Rapeseed Oil by Jean Walker


Stonehenge in Wiltshire by Jean Walker


Dusk over St Michaels Mount Cornwall by Jean Walker


Mow Cop Castle Staffordshire in a Red Glow by Jean Walker